About Heywire

We’ve been there, done it and know what’s coming next

Heywire was incorporated in 1999 by Steve Hey, who had previously spent twenty-three years in a corporate environment.

Heywire started life as an IT consultancy service in 1995. Steve recognised that the continued dominance of IT in the workplace and the birth of the most important communications tool the world had seen (the Internet) would place an increasing, complex array of options in front of businesses. They’d need help, guidance and input from someone who had a deep appreciation and love of technology.

Following some experience with IBM mainframe programming, Steve also saw the potential for distributed computing as the PC became more commonplace. Fast-forward to today, and that trend has led to the emergence of cloud computing as one of the most liberating technological advancements for businesses and consumers alike.


“The cloud enables organisations to reduce or entirely eliminate their reliance on costly on-site hardware,” Steve explains. “Having spent many years looking after company networks and servers, the cloud has transformed my clients’ operations and helped them vastly reduce overheads – with my help, of course!”

Aside from network and cloud technologies, Steve also has considerable experience in providing SQL database-driven business solutions that enable organisations to mobilise their workforce and gain full control of the tools they rely on to remain profitable and capable of growth.

Away from IT, Steve is also an established professional commercial photographer, a Leicester Tigers fan and happily married with two grown-up children.

“It’s not about telling business what to do,” says Steve, “but rather listening and supporting the business by helping them find the best solution for their needs. Sometimes, the answer doesn’t even involve IT!”