What We Do

The digital economy is noisy and confusing – let’s untangle it!

Running a business in the modern age is as opportunity-filled as it is frustrating, thanks to an abundance of cloud technology, ‘solutions’ and fly-by-night trends.

Modern tech is both liberating and confusing; there’s so much of it… where do you start?

At Heywire, we understand that you’d much rather focus on running your business than getting lost in decisions over cloud services, web hosting and which email provider to use. That’s why we’ve spent over two decades developing the following services for ambitious businesses.

Our Services

We’re quite unlike many in our field. We can get you up and running with a beautiful, engaging website, manage your entire IT infrastructure and even provide full commercial photography. You need turn nowhere else.


WordPress website development and maintenance
We’re masters of the most popular web platform – WordPress. We know how to build websites that won’t simply look like every other WordPress website, instead positioning you firmly as an approachable expert within your industry. If you are just starting up (or even if you are not!) and don’t want the initial outlay we offer a monthly payment option through our sister company Brilliant Bookings

eCommerce websites
Need to sell something online? We’ll design, host and provide on-going support for a digital store that will turn casual passers-by into paying customers.

Domain name registration
Heywire is a long-standing Nominet Registrar, which means we can help acquire and manage your business domains very cost-effectively.

Database-driven websites and apps
We possess countless years of web development and database administration experience that enables us to create functional websites and web apps for businesses who want to mobilise their operations.

Websites, emails, Microsoft Exchange – Heywire has become renowned for providing hosting services that are kind to budgets and which offer maximum uptime and convenient scalability.

Network and Cloud

Cloud services
We’ll help you reduce your reliance on hardware and free your organisation from the restrictive confines of legacy tech by providing and supporting virtual servers, SQL servers and fully-managed cloud infrastructure.

Offsite file backup
Fancy a more relaxed night’s sleep? Our range of file backup services offer ultimate peace of mind, by providing full remote backups for workstations, servers and Microsoft Exchange – silently and securely.

File synchronisation and folder sharing
With workforces increasingly mobilised, it’s imperative everyone has access to reliable file and folder sharing. Heywire’s file synchronisation service delivers a private, secure cloud from which everyone will benefit.

Business-grade antivirus, malware and security
Getting hit by a virus or malware is crippling for businesses in the digital age, but few have time to deal with antivirus and malware protection. Heywire’s security solutions will remove your business from harm – permanently.

General consultancy services

If you simply need advice on network infrastructure, an experienced head to demystify the cloud or guidance on how to make the most of the web for your business, Heywire offers consultancy services backed up by countless years in the game.

Commercial Photography

Heywire founder and director, Steve Hey, is an experienced commercial photographer with a brilliant eye for images that paint the perfect business picture. If you need product photography, commercial building photography or business event photography – just get in touch.

We’ve got a separate website for this showing what we do.